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How I built my website

For the past two years, I've hosted my personal site (first, then later on Blogger. At the time, I was using my site as a blog I rarely posted to, so it didn't seem like a good idea to pay for a host that supported WordPress. Even though Google rarely touches it these days, Blogger is still a decent platform, especially since it supports custom HTML/CSS/JS.

Last month, I wanted to try replacing it with a static site. My main goal was to highlight my social media accounts more promiently. I also wanted it to load quickly and not use any JS/CSS frameworks, like Bootstrap or Bulma. There's nothing wrong with those projects, I just wanted to try writing my own solution from scratch.

First, I had to choose a host. I settled on GitHub Pages, mostly because I've used it before. It allows you to host static web content (no PHP) for free, so it's perfect for basic websites. By default, it will host your site as a sub-domain on GitHub, but you can use a …