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How to make your own Nintendo Wifi USB Connector

Note: This guide was originally written in 2013. I have no idea if it still works.

Recently I have been using my Nintendo DS a little more, since I have been playing my first Pokemon game (Pokemon White) and I wanted to play online with others. Playing online with the DS used to be simple, because it was compatible with the main network security standard at the time, WEP. If you didn't have a Wifi network, you could also get the Nintendo Wifi connector above and connect it into your computer to make a network only visible to Nintendo systems. Using Nintendo's software you can whitelist which consoles (Wii, DS, or 3DS) can connect to you.

Nowadays, things are more complicated. WPA and WPA-2 networks are the norm, which original DS systems are not compatible with. Even if you have a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL, only a few games take advantage of the system's ability to work with WPA/WPA2. But what if you want to use the Wifi connector? Too bad, because it's been discontinued …